Who We Are

The recently completed Mathematics Teacher Transformation Institutes (MTTI) project was a six-year research-based investigation of how leadership emerges and is expressed through mathematics knowledge, student-focused instructional practices, and influences on schools' mathematics outcomes. In particular, this research broadened the knowledge base on teaching and learning in mathematics through new understanding of how the study of conceptually-challenging mathematics, particularly in algebra and geometry, benefits second-stage teachers (4-10 years' experience); of how classroom-based action research contributes to critical and analytical understanding of the relationships between teaching practices and student learning; and of how multi-levels of support prepare second-stage teachers for leadership roles.

Under the leadership of the Institute for Literacy Studies, Lehman College partnered with all six Bronx Community School Districts to achieve MTTI’s research and teacher-leadership objectives. Faculty in mathematics and mathematics education, staff of the Institute for Literacy Studies and the ILS’s NYC Mathematics Project, and Bronx principals and district superintendents worked together to engage 80 experienced middle and high school teachers in 330 hours of professional development over three years to strengthen their peer leadership, mathematics content knowledge, and pedagogical practices to support culturally and linguistically diverse students. MTTI teachers were further supported on-site at their schools by NYC Mathematics Project consultants, and were provided opportunities to showcase their work. MTTI cultivated a professional network of mathematics teacher leaders who are now providing leadership to 200 additional middle and high school mathematics teachers as they enact a variety of roles including mentor, peer coach, workshop leader, conference participant/speaker, and active member of school curriculum and professional development teams.

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