ALC Partners

In addition to being a program of the Institute for Literacy Studies, the ALC also works closely with the Office of Academic Affairs at CUNY, which provides support to the various college-based adult learning centers throughout the CUNY system. A network of CUNY based adult education programs meet regularly to discuss and coordinate approaches to instruction, professional development, and administration.

At Lehman, the ALC has been an active participant in the Lehman College Edible Garden, cooperating closely with the Department of Health Sciences who share an interest in the garden. Several summers ago, we worked with Cornell Cooperative Extension, who ran a nutrition course for ALC students who also worked in the garden as part of their summer experience. More recently, we have collaborated with TV 411 to help pilot web-based educational modules for adult learners.

We also participate in other broad-based organization that support and advocate for adult literacy as a field, such as the Coalition for Adult Literacy. We are always eager to work with other organizations that complement our mission.